Forgot Something? Don’t Fret, Make Friends!

Make Friends

Forgot Something? Don’t Fret, Make Friends!

There are so many things to remember when you’re packing up for your trade show.  You’re bound to forget one or two items, big or small.  If you do forget something, don’t fret.  Heed this advice from our Account Executive, Brenden Thomas.

“Make friends with your neighboring booths. You never know when you’re going to need something that you don’t have. They just might and if you’re nice, they’ll save you in a bind.” – Brenden Thomas, Account Executive, Lindsay Exhibit Group

Sometimes there aren’t stores near the convention center or hotel that carry what you left behind.  That being said, if what you forgot is a must-have, you may end up driving hours to purchase a replacement, and possibly wasting precious time during show hours.  Unless you’ve made connections with other exhibitors on the show floor, you may be out of luck!

However, like Brenden says, if you have made connections with other exhibitors at the show, there is a good chance they have what you need.  Make friends with your neighbors! Introduce yourself and exchange information with other exhibitors around you.  Be friendly.  Be helpful.  It’ll serve you well!

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