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Turnkey Solutions for Trade Show Booths and Events

EMI Custom Exhibition Stand for a trade show

Design & Creative

Our Creative team has helped hundreds of clients translate their critical marketing messages into visually appealing and functional exhibits and environments.

Exhibit Design

From the simplest backwall to complex structures, we can 3D model the perfect solution.

Graphic Design

Expertly designed graphics are a difference maker; we know how to cut through the clutter on the trade show floor!


Freight / Transportation

We routinely ship to shows/events across the U.S., and understand the importance of meeting established deadlines from convention centers and show contractors.


Store your exhibit properties in our secure, climate-controlled facility.

Show Kit Administration

Ordering  on-site show services can be challenging.  Electrical?  Material-Handling? Internet?  Cleaning?  Flooring?  What do you need; how do you order?  We do this every day, and know the tricks of the trade to save you money and time!

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Cooper Standard Trade Show Exhibit


Our talented fabricators have experience from the simplest exhibit structures to sophisticated product displays.  Whatever you need to display your products and/or services, we are up to the task!

Custom Exhibition Stand Fabrication

Backwalls, Ceiling structures, Hanging Signs, Crating, Cabinetry; in your choice of shapes, sizes and materials.

Product Display Fabrication

Our clients often need to demonstrate or showcase products that require dynamic lighting, or motion, or mechanical functionality..  We can design and build to best highlight the features of your products.


Well designed and carefully built crates are the unsung hero of the trade show world.  You can count on us to make sure your exhibit assets are carefully packaged and ready for the rigors of the road.

Turnkey Services

We can manage the seemingly endless details of your events, efficiently and seamlessly, start to finish!

Exhibit Asset Management

Store your exhibit properties in our climate-controlled and secure facility.  Manage those same exhibit assets with our on-line client portal.

Show Kit Administration

Ordering your show services (electrical, material-handling, rigging, etc..) can be overwhelming if you don’t have the time or experience to navigate the process.  Let us handle!

Installation & Dismantle

We can provide Set-Up and Tear-Down labor on site, nationwide.


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Common questions about exhibiting at a trade show

Do you have a strategic plan and need a custom exhibition stand?  Here are a few frequently asked questions to give you some insight into trade shows and events.

How do I find trade shows that are “right” for my company to exhibit at?

Trade show opportunities are advertised fairly heavily by the Associations that put them on, so looking through your own industry publications can turn up likely shows to exhibit.  Checking to see what shows your customers regularly attend to make buying decisions can help you focus as well.  Bottom line, do some homework.  If you aren’t sure if exhibiting at a certain event is right for you, simply attend the show first and gauge whether it is an opportunity for the next time around.  There is a really great website with a “search” tool to find trade shows at (Trade Show News Network).

How much do I need to budget for an exhibit?

There are a lot of variables that factor into budgeting.  Can you get by with a simple 10’x10’ portable display kit, or do you need a much larger exhibit to display effectively?  Do you need sophisticated audio-visual for presentations, or do you have a simple “show and tell” kind of product or service? As an industry average, a typical portable / modular type of exhibit can be in the $75-$225 per square foot range, and a true “custom” fabricated exhibit can be in the $125-$325 per square foot category.  Not cheap by any standard, but with an effective exhibit strategy in place, trade shows can pay large dividends when done right.

How do I design an effective trade show exhibit?

The first step to strong design is to make sure that you have specific objectives in mind.  What is the ideal marketing message for the specific audience at your show(s)?  Which products and services do you want to prioritize and highlight, and what is the best way to do that quickly and concisely on the trade show floor?  A great design is the result of careful thought, and of course terrific execution in fabricating an eye-catching exhibit.  Only when the objectives are clearly spelled out should the first stroke of the pen be placed to paper!

Trade shows seems expensive.  Are they worth the cost?

In most cases, yes; trade shows are well worth the investment of dollars and time.  You often will have the opportunity to showcase and present your offerings to literally hundreds of potential buyers in just a short 2 or 3 day show.  The cost of the interaction with a sales prospect at a trade show is much lower than the cost of making an outside sales call.  You also get a fantastic window into gauging your competition, along with raising your brand awareness, and evaluation your company’s position in your industry.  All of this being accomplished in such a condensed time frame is a shot in the arm for most marketing programs.  Trade shows are indeed pricey to participate in, but they are this way specifically because they are worth it.  If they weren’t, nobody would be going.

Working with Lindsay is like having a dedicated trade show department within our company.  The talented and knowledgeable team at Lindsay are great to work with and they bring our trade show exhibit visions to life.  We’ve enjoyed working with them for a few years and they’ve helped us build some impressive looking booths.  When you work with Lindsay Exhibit Group, you can expect exceptional quality of service and quick response times

Nikon Metrology

Lindsay Exhibit Group has been a marketing partner with Sika for over 10 years.  In any single year, Sika participates in multiple trade shows targeting different target markets, customer events and National Sales Meetings.  At times some of the events overlap each other and Lindsay Exhibit Group is with us from conception to execution.  The Lindsay team works with us to ensure our goals are met for each event.  The team’s personal approach, creativity, their attention to detail and overall quality of service is exceptional

Sika Corporation

LEG has been an amazing partner for our company. They have a can-do attitude and always have a solution for any situation that we have given them, no matter how simplistic or complex.  Whether you are looking for someone to assist with graphic design, display/project management, promotional assets or event set-up/tear down and construction, Lindsay Exhibit Group is the best solution for your company to be successful.

Amsted Automotive

We have worked with Scott & team for years on a number of large events and they always come through for us! We know we can depend on them to deliver exceptional results and creative thinking.


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    Lindsay Exhibit Group is a builder and supplier of exhibits and booth display for trade shows and events. Since 2002, we have been providing our clients turnkey solutions including design and fabrication of exhibits and a full host of event services. We look forward to contributing to the success of your next event!