Tips from the Team – August 2017

Trade Show Exhibit Crate

Your show just ended and after a few moments of relaxation and reflection, it’s time to begin the tear down process for your exhibit. The fork lift delivers your crates and you start to dismantle your exhibit. The process takes some time but you make sure to do everything with care to keep your display functional for the next show.

Once everything has been dismantled, you open your crates and try to remember how it all fits and where each piece belongs. As you begin packing your exhibit into the crates, you slowly realize that the pieces are not fitting the way they did when you unpacked a short couple of days earlier. It doesn’t make any sense! Why doesn’t everything fit?

We’ve all been there!

Sometimes the most frustrating things can be solved with very simple solutions. Read the tip below by Brenden Thomas, one of our account executives. He has found a way to minimize packing problems while also providing extra protection for the exhibit in transportation.

“If you’re using a new display, take pictures of the open crates before you unpack. Use them for reference when you’re packing to help make sure everything is where it belongs. Anything you can do to minimize damage possibilities in transit.”
-Brenden Thomas, Account Executive, Lindsay Exhibit Group

Really? Can it be that simple? Give it a try, it’s worked for us!

Josh Farrand

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