Staff Bios

The best team in the exhibit business.

Scott Lindsay

  • Random Facts
  • Currently near last place in Fantasy Baseball League
  • Favorite Convention City: Las Vegas (for the restaurants/food)
  • Vanilla or Chocolate: Vanilla
  • If you could magically change one thing about trade shows, what would it be? All set-up and tear-down schedules would be weekdays, no overtime hours for the client!

Chief Cook and Bottlewasher / Founder / President

If you’re reading this bio, then chances are you are considering using Lindsay Exhibit Group as a source for trade show exhibits and/or event services. The most pertinent thing I can tell you about myself is that I’ve worked hard to assemble a terrific staff that I am proud of, and that I have every confidence can and will step up to the plate and exceed your expectations. Everyone in our organization has a “can-do” attitude, and we truly enjoy working together as a team. But enough about them…; let’s talk about me!

I’ve been involved in the Exhibit industry since 1988, and founded Lindsay Exhibit Group in 2002; yes, I’m that old. With a degree from CMU (Fire Up Chips!) in Journalism and Marketing, I found a really nice fit for my skill set assisting companies with their trade-show marketing programs. I’ve been fortunate enough to work with great companies like Ford Motor, FTD Florists, Ally Bank and University of Michigan, along with a host of others from almost every industry imaginable. What I’ve learned from my 28-year journey is that I’m still learning. Every client and every event seems to be unique. Listen well, do what you say you’re gonna do, and treat every client as if they were your only client. I’ve built a great staff of resourceful and productive people, and am grateful for every opportunity to earn business that our clients offer us.

When not working, I’m likely to be found hanging out with the family (wife, 2 boys, 2 dogs), at a Tiger game, fishing, dreaming of fishing, hunting or dreaming of hunting. Favorite Band? Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band. What I’m really terrible at? Golf. Job I wish I had? Middle-innings relief for the Detroit Tigers; I would be terrible at that, too; but I wouldn’t have to pay to get into the games.

Tracy Lindsay

  • Random Facts
  • Oakland University alum. Go Grizzlies!
  • Last thing you took a picture of: The beautiful snow hanging off the trees. Michigan ROCKS!
  • Her 1st car: ’69 Cadillac Eldorado. Her name was Racine.
  • If you found a $100 bill on the sidewalk, what would you do with it? Salvation Army.
  • If you could magically change one thing about trade shows, what would it be? I hate it when freight gets lost in material-handling/drayage!

Position: Business Development  / “Display Diva”

Tracy co-founded Lindsay Exhibit Group with husband, Scott. A trade-show industry veteran of almost 15 years, Tracy has leveraged her creativity and organizational skills to assist our clients in polishing their trade show presence. Her background is diverse, including stints as a Bartender, Teacher (both elementary and adult education), Corporate Trainer, and most importantly, Mom. So where does the creativity kick in? Well, let’s just say you want her on your team if you’re playing Pictionary! If you’re looking for fresh ideas, you’ve come to the right person. Just bring a notepad and strap yourself in.

Tracy’s favorite place to relax? On a boat, usually the Pinckney chain-of-lakes. Her favorite client moment? “I once had a client give approval to a new exhibit design while he was bear hunting in Russia!”. Her favorite time of the workday? “The possibilities of the morning.” Song that best sums up Tracy? Tom Petty’s “I won’t back down”.

Lisa Bennett

  • Random Facts
  • BSBA Accounting, Lawrence Tech University
  • Hidden Talent: Rockin’ on the Piano!
  • 1st car: 1977 Ford LTD
  • Vanilla or Chocolate? Vanilla all the way
  • TV show she never misses: The Walking Dead

Position: Accountant / Executive Administrator / Manager of Event Details / Office Mom

The quintessential planner and organizer, Lisa is the keeper-of-the-details, and keeps the trains running on time. With over 20 years experience in the trade show biz, Lisa blends her accounting background and trade show expertise into a neat little package that allows Lindsay Exhibit Group to offer a full host of trade show services to our clients, always with an eye towards saving our clients valuable budget dollars. Nobody does it better.

Asked what song would sum her up, Lisa quotes the Rolling Stones, You Can’t Always Get What You Want. “At least MY interpretation of the lyrics anyway. My kids, of course, hate it because when they whine about something they WANT vs NEED, or when things don’t go their way, I sing this little ditty and they get mad at me!”

What Lisa most enjoys about the exhibit business? “The people I work with and an outlet for my mad organizational skills, and that I get to do something new every day”.

So what is Lisa really like, outside of the “office” cocoon? Married with 2 awesome kids (husband is awesome too!), dog-lover, resident of Brighton. Her favorite place to relax: snuggling with her dog and a good TV show. Best Michigan vacation? “Saugatuck! But only in the summer. Beautiful, artsy, good food, free music, cool people with lots of cute dogs and the sunset cruise on Lake Michigan.”

Joe Sexton

  • Random Facts
  • Has best memory of anybody on our staff. Can pack up an entire 30’x30’ exhibit into 5 crates, and recite from memory what is in each and every crate.
  • Gingers have no soul
  • Favorite Super-Hero? “Spider-Man; he has the best costume!”

Position: Warehouse / Logistics Manager

What he really does: Sets it up – Tears it Down – Packs it up – Ships it out.

Our customers love this guy. Need to know where something is? Ask Joey. He’s always there, always on time, always ready for the next show; he makes a difficult job look easy. Where does this work ethic come from? Maybe it’s his personal hero, Steve Yzerman. Says Joey: “… He was good at what he did, and led his team quietly but with authority; everyone respected him.” You’ve earned our respect, young man.

He’s a classic Michigan outdoorsman. We don’t really know what color his truck is; only that it is covered in mud. And we are impressed that he keeps his svelte appearance despite the red-bull and hostess fruit pie diet he keeps. His favorite TV shows? “American Pickers,” “Duck Dynasty,” and “Storage Wars.”

Recent trade show miracle that Joey has pulled off? “Nothing in particular; we pull off miracles every day…”

When people ask us what we have that nobody else has? Well, we’ve got a Joey.

Kelly Carroll

  • Random Facts
  • Has a cat that will fetch things
  • Golf nut (and still married)
  • Musical choices would surprise you
  • Favorite child-hood memory: Learning to Water Ski; “… Took forever, but once I got up it was awesome!”

Position: Fabrication Specialist / Handy with tools, glues, fasteners, etc…

Much of what we do here at Lindsay Exhibit Group involves building unique, odd, and very custom structures. Kelly is integral to all we do. Possessing a mixed bag of fabrication skills, he always finds a way to get it done and make it cool. If it needs to be glued, screwed, Velcro’d, painted, drilled; he’s been there, done that. Many years of building, flying (and crashing) his own radio-controlled planes helped him develop his varied skill-sets.

So what does he like most about his job? “I get to work on something different every day”. If he has only $3 to spend inside a convenience store, what does he get? Ho Ho’s. Favorite TV show? ESPN SportsCenter. How would he spend his first $100 if he just won the lottery? “I’d buy a round of beers for my pals”. As Kelly himself would say, Nice!

He’s a simple man, when not building groovy stuff for our clients, Kelly can be found fishing, golfing, flying his RC planes, or just hanging out with his wife (Amy)—but not necessarily in that order!

Russ Pryor

  • Random Facts
  • Vanilla or Chocolate: Chocolate, all day long!
  • 1st car: Easy; 1968 Triumph Spitfire. Midnight Blue with removable hard-top; twas Cherry, man.
  • Last thing he took a picture of: Had to show my family how beautiful and green my neighborhood is; they live in the desert and have completely forgotten what color green is.
  • What he would devote more time to, given the opportunity: Horse-back riding…if only I had a horse.

Position: Senior Designer

Russ is the guy that takes the “wish list” given by our client(s) and translates it into a dynamic and functional exhibit. Early in his career he honed his skills as an architectural illustrator/designer with Hisata Design in Palo Alto, CA, before moving on to an exhibit career with companies including Exponents San Diego, Grondorf-Feld-and-Black, i.e. Design, Exponents NY, Exhibit Resources and Exhibitus.

Working with client lists that have included Caterpillar, Glaxo Smith Kline, Johnson & Johnson, Nintendo, Siemens and Volvo Truck, Mr. Pryor has learned to surf the delicate balance of design, functionality, and of course budget. What he enjoys most about his job is “…virtually every day is an opportunity to be creative and no two projects are alike.” What motivates Russ to get started on a difficult/challenging project? “I once was employed as a trucker; so I think to myself, I could be driving an 18 wheeler to New Jersey….tonight!” Trade Show he’s always wanted to attend? “I did a lot of work for Caterpillar Marine…. I understand the shows in Florida were pretty cool.”

When not working, Russ can be found riding his chrome two-wheeler, mountain biking, walking his 2 pet schnauzers, sketching humorous every-day characters, watching “Last Man Standing”, or paddling his kayak through local waterways; all the while, dreaming up cool ideas for our clients’ latest exhibit and event projects.

Alex Pless

  • Random Facts
  • Has pet chickens; they come when he whistles! (and he brings eggs to the office…)
  • You find a $100 bill on sidewalk; what do you spend it on? Lagavulin 16
  • Vanilla or Chocolate? Chocolate; dark

Position: Project Manager / Chaser of Details

The task of coordinating the million details that seem to come with every project most often falls to Mr. Pless. A true renaissance man, he is always up for the task. Alex has been a Sous Chef, white-water rafting guide, competitive cyclist, guitar player, farmer, and electrical engineer (that’s just the first third of the list!). This multi-faceted background has trained him to be the resourceful Project Manager that our clients need. In the trade show world, Murphy’s law applies, and this colorful background allows Alex to approach every project with no fear, and just the right amount of confidence. When you see your gorgeous new exhibit in the show hall, understand that this guy has put his fingerprints on most of it at some point.

So what does Alex love most about his job? “The variety; always something new and unexpected happening.” His favorite client moment? “Can’t name just one; I like when they see the final display up after the mess of install before a show.” Craziest thing that he’s seen at a show? “I saw a crane drop a 10-ton machine from 10’ in the air on the 4th floor of Washington State Convention Center” (fyi, NOT our client!).

When the work day is done, his favorite place to relax is the closest mountain biking trail; evidenced by the fact that his preferred method of commute to work on many days is his bicycle. And first choice for a Michigan travel vacation? “Copper Harbor; they have awesome mountain biking trails!”.

Brenden Thomas

  • Random Facts
  • Stupid Pet Trick: Fitz. He’s our dog, not a very good one. His trick is to bark when the kids are trying to sleep.
  • Song that sums you up? Don Henley’s “In a New York Minute”. Life is full of drastic and sudden change. Roll with the punches and make the best out of the given circumstance.
  • You find a $100 bill on sidewalk; what do you do with it? Are you kidding? Socks!
  • Vanilla or Chocolate: Twist, dipped in Chocolate.
  • If you could bring back one historic figure, who and why? Mother Theresa; to see how someone can have such a large heart.

Position: Account Executive / Strategic Thinker / Sock Maven

Having forged a life-long career in Sales, Brenden brings to the table the ability to juggle the multitude of activities necessary to assist in our clients’ trade show and event activities. Having worked with clients from a variety of industries, including VLF Automotive, Skipstone, Humantech, Workforce Software and Autoblog, Brenden has developed an innate understanding of what makes for an effective trade show presence.

So what about the socks? Well; lets just say he will always make the Best-Dressed list, at least as long as socks are counted as part of the equation. His socks will always match the shirt. Polka-dots? Yes. Paisley prints? Yes. We’ve seen Tiger stripes, NFL logos, and a few cartoon characters. Don’t know that we’ve ever seen just straight solid color socks. Not sure where he finds them, but they look great.

What Brenden most enjoys about his job? “…it’s the people. I don’t know that I’ve been around a more selfless group of people who will do whatever it takes for the client.”

When he’s not working, Brenden can most often be found on or near the water, on a pontoon boat with his growing family; “I get a weekly weekend vacation by going to the boat; beyond that….Oscoda, Charlevoix, Grand Haven, South Haven, Saugatuck, Holland…”

Gage Crowley

  • Random Facts
  • Favorite time of the workday: Lunch, I love food and good people
  • If you could help a charity, who and why? Children’s foundation of some sort. They didn’t ask to be put in the situation they are in.
  • Favorite Michigan-destination: Aloha State Park; love Mullet Lake!
  • Last thing you took a picture of: Was in New York for a client event set-up; took a photo of Times Square

Position: Installation & Dismantle Technician / Show Services Support

A proud graduate of Western Michigan University (Go Broncos!), this made-in-Michigan man is instrumental to the service support provided by Lindsay Exhibit Group. Gage’s talents are put to use setting up, refurbishing, repairing, fabricating, and maintaining a myriad of client displays ranging from the smallest tabletop exhibit to the most sophisticated custom-built island exhibit. His experience has led him to show cities from New York to Little Rock, and Philadelphia to Las Vegas, supervising labor crews to provide our clients with efficient trade show services. Always with a smile on his face, always accommodating. That’s what our clients know, and have come to expect from Mr. Crowley.

What you don’t know about Gage (yet)? He plays the guitar. Loves to travel. Can curl his tongue. Last concert he attended was City and Colour (they played with Greyhounds). Is the most likely person in the office to know the score of last night’s game; Wings / Tigers / Lions / Pistons, College; heck, he probably knows the scores of the local high-school games too. Never missed an episode of Breaking Bad. And his favorite place to relax? Any porch with a good view, and perfect weather.

Christopher Breiler

  • Random Facts
  • Favorite Song:  Blitzkrieg Bop – “it was the first rock song that really resonated with our 3 yr-old son.  Its now our household anthem”
  • Chocolate or Vanilla:  Chocolate
  • Favorite Childhood Memory:  Camping at Otsego Lake every year for a week over July 4

Position: Account Exectutive / Rounder-Upper of Event Details

A Chesaning, MI native, this die-hard Go Blue fan has been assisting clients with their trade show programs for more than 3 years.  Husband, and Father of 2, the only thing he watches on TV is Michigan football (“my wife allowed me to choose our fall wedding date, so I picked the bye-week”).  Truth, and still married.  The thing he likes most about his profession?  “I really enjoy the process of watching what usually begins as a sketch on paper become a beautiful exhibit on the show floor.”  The movie character Chris most closely relates to is George Costanza.  “Obviously, Seinfeld isn’t a movie, but George is just such a relatable chararacter; Worlds are colliding!”  If he could choose a dinner date with a historic figure, Chris’ would be “Albert Einstein, without question.  Would be awesome to pick the brain of one of the greatest minds the world has ever known!”.

David Weber

  • Random Facts
  • Chocolate or Vanilla ?  Vanilla.  period
  • Favorite childhood memory:  Fishing at Harsens Island for the first time
  • Something he is really terrible at:  Ice Skating
  • Favorite Song:  Here I Go Again (Whitesnake)

Position: Graphic Designer / Thinker-Upper of Cool Graphic Ideas

One of the tougher challenges of creating effective trade show exhibits is figuring out how to graphically communicate marketing messages in large format to a trade show audience.  In many cases, this challenge falls to the talented Mr. Weber.  Dave, David, D-Web; he’s ok with whatever name you use to refer to him.  With a few decades of experience working with B-to-B graphic design, this is the man for the task!

When not slaying the usual office dragons, David enjoys fishing, vacationing (Cayman Islands is his favorite destination), and watching Forged in Fire on the tube.  When asked to choose his guest for a “dream” dinner date?  “Salvador Dali.  I would want to know what drugs he was taking to make such bizarre paintings.”  If he could magically change one thing about trade shows?  “All attendees would be required to purchase something at each booth.”  Well said, David, I’m sure our clients could all get on board with that!

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