Case Studies

Been there, done that. Here’s a little proof…

Client: Ally Auto

Exhibit: 40’ x 90’ island

Show: National Auto Dealers Association (NADA) 2012 / Las Vegas

Design Objective: To attract Owners and General Managers from automotive dealerships into an environment where Ally representatives can walk them through the full range of products and services offered by Ally Auto.

Obstacle(s) to Overcome: The challenge was that Ally had a variety of business units that many auto dealers are not familiar with, but they often tune out the message because Ally is so well-known for a few particular products. The exhibit needed to engage dealers and GM’s long enough to present the full scope of services and products, and get past what dealers think they know.

Features of Exhibit:

  • Interactive sports-related engagement had attendees throwing a football into a digital screen
  • In center of exhibit was tailgating tent, staffed by King-of-tailgating celebrity, Joe Cahn. He offered tips on better tail-gating including recipes, fun games, and general good times; all infused with marketing messages promoting Ally products and services.
  • Each of 4 Ally business units had their own business area, where specific products/services could be presented and demonstrated to attendees.
  • Former NFL star John Lynch made appearances in exhibit to reinforce the football theme that was prevalent throughout. As NADA was held on Super Bowl weekend, it added a nice local flavor and specific interest to the football theme.
  • Carpet and flooring were customized with Ally logo in end-zone area, and artificial turf in center exhibit areas.
  • Liberal use of Ally Auto logo with Plum/White color scheme throughout.
  • Coffee bar, casual seating area, and multiple large LCD screens with ESPN running were incorporated into space to encourage attendees to spend more time in exhibit, and reinforce Super Bowl theme.

How did this project evolve? Having worked with Ally Auto for a number of years, the directive from Ally Auto for the 2012 show was to incorporate as much of the past year’s exhibit properties into the design as practical, while incorporating a Super Bowl-football theme into space. We worked with Ally to research a number of interactive games that might work, and helped to source the games. The complete floor plan and design were our responsibility, along with fabrication of all exhibit elements and graphics. While Ally supplied art direction, it was Lindsay’s role to do all graphic layouts. We also handled all booth logistics and transportation, ordered all on-site show services, and handled all installation and dismantling services on-site. For this annual event, we typically begin the planning/design process as much as 6 months in advance. It is a larger exhibit space, and typically involves an interactive promotion that can take some time to fully flesh out.

Client: ePlan Systems

Exhibit: 20’ x 20’ island

Show: Rockwell Automation Fair 2008 / Nashville

Design Objective: To introduce a new company to a competitive field and show case software product.

Obstacle(s) to Overcome: Floor space was a premium in the 20×20 booth space. Client requested multiple digital kiosks and a sit down area. We had a new company and wanted the architecture to make a splash and be highly indicative of the ePlan logo.

Features of Exhibit:

  • Our floor space was limited we took the design up into the air recreating the swoosh of the “e” in the logo. We wanted open floor space for large crowds.
  • Three digital kiosks were designed also to reflect the logo and were created to be free standing so that placement could be adjusted as needed.
  • Client requested multiple areas for storage that were designed into the trapezoidal digital kiosks.
  • Custom shape was produced using tubing and fabric for light shipping. Custom dye sublimation matched logo color. .

How did this project evolve? Our client contacted us with a two-month lead-time for design and manufacture. We discussed needs, wants and goals for the exhibit and began the design. On the front end we decided lifting the design was the key to allowing for multiple digital kiosks and large traffic areas. There were three facts that complicated this project. The client had a static budget, which included show services. The time frame was short and during the final approval stages the company owner was in Russia on a bear hunt. A holistic view of the display was created to keep us on budget. Precision in planning was needed for simultaneous production in order to make our due date. Acquiring approval from a man on a bear hunt in Russia was just plain fun.

Client likes the versatility of the exhibit and while has expanded her space from 20×20 to 50×20 space. A few pieces are chosen individually for shows under 20×20. Graphics are easy to update when needed.

Client: Kawasaki Robotics

Exhibit: Various Sizes – 20×40, 30×40, 20×50

Account Manager: Laila Gislason

Shows: Pack Expo, FabTech

Design Objective: To create a bold, reconfigurable backdrop that highlights Kawasaki’s functioning robots and that can be utilized in variously sized exhibit spaces.

The Kawasaki Story… Kawasaki Robotics manufactures a comprehensive line of robots – from small tabletop units to large industrial robots capable of handling over 1,500 lb. payloads. They attend a variety of shows in multiple markets to highlight their many robotic capabilities.

Features of Exhibit:

  • Clear open viewing area to show Kawasaki’s large robots in action.
  • Modular interlocking wall system that can be reconfigured to create exhibit structures in varying sizes and heights.
  • Interlocking walls and all accessories are constructed from lightweight aluminum and are designed to be easy to assemble.
  • Bold fabric graphics provide a saturated splash of Kawasaki red – consistent with their corporate branding.
  • Large double-sided hanging structure to elevate logo and to define the space below.
  • Spacious storage area with a swinging door for easy access.
  • Demo area – a mounted monitor shows videos of the robotics in use.
  • Motorbike give-away – A great way to attract attention and to associate the quality of their robotics to the quality of their well-known motorbikes.

Client: Mango Languages

Exhibit: 20’ x 30’

Account Manager: Laila Gislason

Show: American Library Association Shows

Design Objective: To create a whimsical environment that embodies Mango’s fun and friendly online language learning programs.

The Mango Story… Mango Languages is an online learning program that teaches foreign languages in a fun and easy way. Their programs are offered at libraries, are used by the military, government organizations and in schools and universities. They’ve got BIG plans for language learning and they intend to be a driving force in its future. A stop at the Mango Languages booth guarantees knowledgeable staff, good times and a tasty mango smoothie!

Features of Exhibit:

  • Mango Smoothie Bar – To solidify the connection with the Mango brand, mango smoothies are offered to all attendees. They’ve attracted quite a cult following.
  • Two prominent demo kiosks – complete with vertical touch screen monitors (disguised as iPhones) displaying their mobile apps. A great way to get hands-on engagement.
  • A large demo area features an energetic live presenter and an oversized monitor. Attendees are drawn into the rows of inviting (and comfortable) candy-colored orange and green chairs facing the demo area.
  • The central structure of the exhibit doubles as their storage/staging area – functional and attractive.
  • The exhibit is constructed from lightweight tension fabric structures. Tension fabric structures are extremely versatile, easy to assemble, lightweight and can save a lot of cash in shipping and assembly costs.
  • This booth is undeniably Mango – approachable, informative and fun. It’s consistent with their message and all of their marketing touch-points.

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